Coronal Loops

I’m very excited to share a new album of ambient music on the sublime label Healing Sound Propagandist (a sub-label from Past Inside the Present).

Healing Sound Propagandist is a digital-only sublabel of Past Inside the Present that further explores the sounds and textures that PITP has become known for; expanding both upon their dreamier meditative output as well as texture-focused arrangements by ambient artists from around the world.

All albums and artists associated with HSP are hand-picked by the PITP team. The goal of the HSP imprint is to highlight talented artists and open up a broader opportunity for artists and composers to release their works with the backing, support, and promotional assistance from the parent label. The intent is to bring a collection of hidden gems to a wider audience through the Healing Sound Propagandist sublabel.

Coronal Loops is a sonic reflection on the nature of waiting, uncertainty, and isolation. This album contains loops and fragments created during the 2020-21 Pandemic. Many of the tracks were born from the much longer sonic meditations created for Michael’s YouTube channel. The intention was to provide a soothing escape and to illuminate an inner light that shines in each of us. Michael’s work as a certified Deep Listening® facilitator, Therapeutic Musician, and meditation teacher inform a sense of expansiveness, stillness, and transcendence found in each track.

Heavenly Bodies

I have a new album out today on the Italian ambient label Pregnant Void. This new collection of healing frequencies was derived and dedicated to the classical nine planets of our solar system.

The sounds of Heavenly Bodies were composed using the spatial movements of the planets translated into frequencies. Astronomy is the application of geometry through space, music is the application of geometry through time. This album seeks to bridge the spatial and sonic by exploring the sacred ratios and mathematics that guide the planets as they dance through our solar system with perfect balance and precision.

Available for download on Bandcamp and on all streaming platforms.


Hello. I’ve got a new album out today. Scroll down for some free download codes for the first 100 people that redeem them! Also, I’ll be doing an online (of course) SLEEP STREAM concert on my YouTube Channel this Saturday night.


Welcome to Samatha, a new album of gently unfolding waves of sounds. This simple suite contains over 2.5 hours of long-playing tracks that move slowly with many pauses in sound to make room for your own experience. My hope is that this soothing, relaxing soundscape can bring some level of calm-mindfulness to your experience.



Like many people around the globe, I’ve been struggling with the agitation that comes from relative captivity from the COVID-19 lockdown. That has resulted in some level of insomnia. This Saturday I’ll be going Live on my YouTube Channel. (Thanks by the way to all those that subscribed to get me to 100 subscribers so I can LiveStream!)


As an (online) concert experience these durational soundscape performances last from night until early the next morning.  These sleep concerts are an immersive, supportive sonic environment. A gentle sea of ambient field recordings and soft tones unfold over an evolving eight-hour concert. 

Themes of rebirth, Bardo states, stillness, the liminal space between sleeping-waking-dreaming-listening, processed environmental sounds and the edges of audibility are explored during these concerts.

This is a great chance for those who always wanted to experience one of my sleep concerts from your own bed 🙂 I’ll start at 9pm EST and go until… I don’t know, several hours at least 😉

with Mettā,

Edge of Nostalgia


Edge of Nostalgia or EON is an interactive album application that I worked on for much of 2012 and 2013. It’s essentially an app that uses the microphone on your iPhone to process the sound world around you in a musical way. It’s a seven track ambient music album that blends the sounds around you into the music. A train rides by, kids playing across the street, the ambient sounds of your office all filter through your microphone and blend in with the music, a new musical creation is born. It’s been very well reviewed (including a feature in Create Digital Music). You can download it from the Apps Store for 99 cents.

Edge of Nostalgia from Michael McDermott on Vimeo.

Here’s one of the tracks (without the processed realtime world of the listener)

Live at CCP

Live piano and iPad set from Community College of Philadelphia.

Recording below:

Event Horizon

This live film score was performed on piano and iPad using the application Samplr to process the sounds from the piano. The mix was recorded from the house sound board by Frank Bellina. The performance was part of the Event Horizon experimental music series at the Rotunda in Philadelphia on June 14, 2013.

video sources are from and treated by Mikronesia

Full audio recording of concert:

Perpetual Movement and Sound – gasp


This was our first performance as a group for the Philly Fringe Festival. The piece took inspiration from light, moths and the breath. It was choreographed by Emily Sweeney. Bilwa and I did the sound for this piece using the audible breathing sounds from the dancers and processing that in real-time. The processed breath sounds were played back over four speakers in surround sound. We did six shows total of gasp and it was very well received. Below is are two clips from the show shot by Carl Franke